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Nov 13, 2009 5:30pm EST
>>> tonight on "rldfocus" -- >>> preside obama in jan. the chging relationship of an assertive,ew japanese leader stes outis ground. >>> wi jobs in thebalance, the british gornment tries to deal with arowing backlash over immigtion. > pakistan unr atta. th latestdeadlybombing shows that not en the cntry's spy agency issafe. >>> how acountry richin culture d history is gog afte tourist welme to iraq. >>> from the worls leadin reporters and anysts here' what's hpening around the world. this is "wldfocus."uc=cíz major supporhas been provided by rosli p. walter and the peter g. petern foundation, dedicated to proting fiscal respsibility and addressing key economic challenges fang amica's future. additional funng is provided by theollowing supporters >>> held sloe good evening. i'm daljit aliwal. when president obama arrived in japa today on the fit stop of his first trip to asia, heame ce to face with a man not unlike himself. a new leader wh swept into office on a prome ochange. includinasserting greater independce in dealing with the united states. prime minist yukio hatoyoma s
Nov 8, 2009 11:00am EST
of sentist democrats. president obama is pushing for health care reform at a time of great draket skittishness. this week the republican leadership was playing on hose worries. >> this bill is the greatest threat to freedom that i have seen in the 19 years i've been here in washington. chris: some of the moderate democrats certainly follow elections and they remember august town meetings. here's what louisiana democrat mary landrieu heard in her town hall. >> in this bill, h.r.-3200 and others similar tomato, it takes away our freedom. this is not about health care. this is about growing -- [applause] >> there is an appropriate time for appropriate government rules and regulations. audience: boo! chris: and no doubt democrat klara mccaskill, a sentist from move hasn't forgotten about the same kind of defiance at her hometown in sthrulls. -- st. louis. >> you don't trust snow chris: what's worrying the moderates right now is the loss of the independent voter. independents were the backbone of obama's sweep last year. in the recent nbc news poll, the overall support for obama was 52
FOX News
Nov 18, 2009 12:03am EST
the iran hostage crisis. dick cheney is not backing down, he slams president obama for protecting weakness in asia. all of that plus dana perino, call rove, and our great american panel. sean: president obama's radical policies are working like imagine nick one -- like magic in one sense. poll numbers plummeting among independents since last month. 45%, down from 52 ers% in october. -- from 52% in october. if you keep this up the republicans will thank you nor paving way for big victories in 2010. dana perino a sean: for me personally, this is a bit degrading. newsweek should be more policy oriented, more substance oriented. sean: they used it for a specific purpose to feature well-known runners and promote fitness amongst its readers. "runner's world," said that they did not give the image. it was provided by the photographers stock agency without the knowledge or permission of runner's world. it is standard practice for them to strike images that have appeared on other magazines. joining us is dana perino and stuart varney. she said that the out of context newsweek approach is sexist. >>
FOX News
Nov 17, 2009 9:00pm EST
words for president barack obama. let's take a look. >> barack obama. on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, where do you rate barack obama? >> a four. a four, i think there are a lot of decisions being made that i and probably the majority of americans are not impressed with right now. our economy is not being put on the right track and i question too some of the dithering and hesitation with some of our national security questions that have got to be answered for our country. so a four. sean: governor palin will be here for the full hour tomorrow night. it will be her very first cable interview since the release of her book. and joining me with analysis on the governor's appearance on g.m.a. is the author of "what americans really want, really, really, really." we have pollster and president of the war doctors, frank luntz. >> i'm looking at that clip. abc cut as close as they could to her. that's a trick that 60 minutes discovered. the closer they get to you, the more likely that people are going to distrust you. they know that and they cut in to make her look less effective and
FOX News
Nov 10, 2009 5:00am EST
muslims. what general casey is saying we can't demonize muslims. that's what president obama implied last week as well. >> we don't know all the answers yet. i would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts. bill: talking points does not disagree with the president. we are not jumping to any conclusions at all. but now ayeive action must be taken to find out what was known about hasan and who knew it the guy doesn't snap. he was indoctrinated into muslim if a that the thattism and people knew it. political correctness can get people killed. i believe that's part of the for the hood massacre story. hasan was a weird guy. he said inappropriate things. did he inappropriate things. yet he continued to serve as a major in the army largely because i believe is he a muslim. by the way, hasan is awake right now and able to talk. he remains in stable condition at the brook army medical center in san antonio, texas. that's the memo, now for the top story. let's bring in brian ross from his studio in new york city. on "world news tonight" you report that this guy, hasan --
FOX News
Nov 3, 2009 11:00am EST
challenger chris christie. president obama and gop members also up for the garden state campaign. next, the race in virginia is also attracting attention because obama turned that state last year. democrats hope to keep it in their column. we will have more in a minute. now to new york state, where there has been a lot of action in the 23rd district, which traditionally vote republican. from seattle to miami, there are racists for mares -- races for mayor. now let's get you back to richmond with chief political correspondent carl cameron. mcdonnell has a comfortable lead in the polls. how confident is he this morning? >> first, polls generally in the first few days before the election become increasingly meaningless. it is obviously preceded by a weekend, but most pollsters will tell you their numbers are too hard to be reliable, and all the activities are there. this has been a race in which the republican has made a big issue of the obama administration and the agenda in washington. bob mcdonnell made the point that he thought the national debate across the potomac at the capitol and
Nov 13, 2009 7:00pm EST
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> president obama in jan. the changing relationship of an assertive, new japanese leader stakes out his ground. >>> with jobs in the balance, the british government tries to deal with a growing backlash over immigration. >>> pakistan under attack. the latest deadly bombing shows that not even the country's spy agency is fe. >>> how a country rich in culture and history is going after tourists. welcome to iraq. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening around the world. this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosind walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. additional funding is provided by the following supporters >>> hello and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. when president obama arrived in japan todaon the first stop of his first trip to asia, he came face to face with a man not unlike himself. a new leader who swept into office on a promise of change. including asserti
FOX News
Nov 6, 2009 6:00pm EST
that underscores the economic challenges that lie ahead. >> speaking this morning in the rose garden , mr. obama pointed out there are hopeful signs amid the economic gloom, like the fact that the economy grew by 3.5% in the third quarter of this year. >> but history tells us that job growth always lags behind economic growth, which is why we have to continue to pursue measures that will create new jobs, although it will take time, and it will take patience, i am confident that our economy will recover. i'm confident that we're moving in the right direction. >> republicans are not so confident. house majority leader john boehner insists the president's economic policies are not getting the job done when it comes to creating jobs. >> today's report is just another reminder that american families and small businesses are still struggling as the white house response continues to fall short. >> still a sore point with republicans, this obama administration draft that was widely circulated last january predicting that unemployment would be held to 8% if congress would only pass the $787 billion stimu
Nov 23, 2009 7:00am EST
president obama. the man in charge of britain's iraq war inquiry promises a full account. more than a dozen missing after sunday's disaster in indonesia. officials say the vessel was overloaded. >> it is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london, and 11:00 p.m. in the australian capital, where the prime minister has been speaking to the bbc about next month's climate change summit. it is billed as a make or break even the leaders of india, china, and america have not bought their ticket yet. without them, what is possible? >> we're working toward a copenhagen agreement. this is a tough process. forging an agreement across so many different countries is a difficult process. having discussed this atlanta with the prime minister of denmark, the president of the united states, and some discussions with the chinese president, we have the capacity to lead an agreement at copenhagen. one which deals with the corps policy challenges for the future. namely, what temperature increase are we prepared to sustain in the future? what targets do we need from the major developed economies around the world?
Nov 27, 2009 1:00pm EST
the excitement that surrounded the barack obama election. it is what i took to be a lot of press commentary and outside the press that we had just gone through some kind of watershed, a signal of and. the election of barack obama was unquestionably a special event. it went beyond that pretty went to questions of a major transformation in the party system, people talked about an expected a large surge in the turnout of the election. many americans and academics and commentaries outside academia talked about a decline in the republican base. generally, there was a sense that existed out there that may still be there to some degree that we did not just watch election in which the incumbents were defeated and a new group of the democrats won but rather an election where something, in some sense, transformational happened. in many past elections there is always the story of something special that happened in the election. as an attribute of american politics, we have a penchant of looking elections where something special happens. i decided to take a look at that. i realized it is not an easy th
FOX News
Nov 5, 2009 8:00pm EST
.c. against obama care. we will take you there and have analysis. >> throw out this bill. >> congressman rangel, the house ethics committee, as you point out, has been investigating since september your failure to pay taxes. >> you can tell the story over and over again, but it has no bearing, and it has no facts. bill: currently under investigation, is there a racial angle to this? al sharpton on that. >> why would you do that to a 4- year-old boy? why which you do that to this 4- year-old boy, sir -- why would you? bill: fy with the state still do this with child predators -- and why would the state still do this with chalk predators? -- with child predators? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i am bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. the massacre at fort hood is our top story tonight, and we will update you as it is demanded. this man, major malik nadal hasan shot over 40 people, 11 dead. he used to work a
Nov 6, 2009 7:00pm EST
supporters -- >>> hello and good evening, i'm daljit dhaliwal. abbas has been seen by president obama and others as the leading palestinian supporter of a peaceful solution to the israeli/palestinian conflict. a voice moderation, abbas as president of the palestinian authority which governs palestinians in west bank. tonight, abbas' role and the peace process itself have been thrown no more uncertainty, after his announcement yesterday he will not run for another term. among other things, abbas has voiced frustration with u.s. policy, including last week's comments by secretary of state hillary clinton on israeli settlements. in tonight's "lead focus" we look at the abass decision, the view from israel and his ties to washington. and we begin with john tarat of al jazeera english. >> reporter: the first thing the new president, barack obama did on his first day in office in the white house on january was to telephone middle east leaders including mahmoud abbas. if president abbas thought that meant the palestinians' time has come, he was quickly forced to reconsider. a lack of process
FOX News
Nov 9, 2009 6:00pm EST
. president obama and congressional democrats celebrated passing the house healthcare bill this weekend after liberals reluctantly accepted a compromise that restricted abortion funding. as jim angle reports, an even tougher challenge lies ahead once the legislation heads to the senate. >> the bill is passed. >> nancy pelosi was barely able to get the reform bill through the house but senators say the hard part is just beginning. >> anyone can offer any amendment on any subject in the senate,s whereas in the house, the amendments are limited greatly, and so therefore, if you thought it was hard in the house, it's going to be harder in the senate. >> as long as there's at least a half dozen democrats that don't want it, there might even be more than that. >> it was a bill written by liberals for liberals. the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. look at how it passed, 220-215. >> five-vote margin because speaker pelosi lost 39 democrats who voted no. harry reid has to win all the democrats as well as independent senator joe lieberman and lieberman, like several democratic senators is o
FOX News
Nov 2, 2009 10:00pm EST
some political pain on president obama. many people think tomorrow's races on the first test of the obama star power and political power. is that true? karl rove joins us live. karl, i have been tipped off that you have been madly scribbling. what do you have there? >> there is a summary of the races, which i will be happy to show you at the appropriate moment. it is amazing at how they can bring things together in sort of the complex, the labyrinth form here. greta: i cannot resist the tease -- elaborate form here. >> and virginia, there have been nine polls since one week ago, and nine out of nine polls, the republican bob mcdonnell is in the lead. in chris christie, he leads if you averaged them all out by less than 1%, 0.7%, but the movement does to appear to be in his direction. the quinnipiac poll had chris christie down to jon corzine, and today, they released a poll showing him up by two, still a very close race, as you said, in new jersey, and it may come down to the wire. greta: new jersey, new york, and virginia, these are three very important races, are they not ?
Nov 3, 2009 6:00am EST
obama brought out so many more democrats. as far as geography, places like camden, new jersey, new ark, new jersey -- heavily african- american counties. if gov. corzine is turning out strong numbers there and winning by margins of 70/30, he will probably win the election. at the same time, there are a handful of gop leading counties in the state. if you see chris christie, the republican challenger, taking those with over 60%, he may be on his way to victory tonight. the big enchilada is the largest county in new jersey. it is historically a swing county. if chris christie can match or win there, he will win the election. no republican statewide has ever run the race in new jersey without this county. host: what about the impact of the third-party candidate? >> chris daggett, the independent, was taking upwards of 20% in some polls, but he has relief faded in recent weeks. he is back to single digits. in talking to folks here, they're uncertain of what is impact will be. the democrats believe the closer he is to 10%, the better chance to have. corzine is probably not going to get 50%
Nov 8, 2009 10:00am EST
wars and the promise to change washington. what has mr. obama accomplished? joining us, new york times' columnist, david brooks, washington post columnist, e.j. dionne, msnbc's rachel maddow and ed gillespie. >>> and our "meet the press minute," 20 years ago the berlin wall is torn down. tom brokaw is the only journalist from a major news organization to broadcast those world changing events live. today he joins us from the very spot where the wall once stood. >>> but first, 13 dead and more than 30 injured after army psychiatrist major nadal kasan. investigators have concluded that the shooting rampage was not part of a terrorist plot. here this morning to talk about how this tragedy is affecting our troops, we are joined by the chief of staff, general george casey. general, welcome to "meet the press." i want to express my condolences for the fallen troops and their families this morning. >> thank you very much. >> i want to ask you about the investigation, though i know you can't say very much. the key piece "the new york times" is reporting this morning was major hasin acting alone
Nov 17, 2009 6:00pm EST
. on the newshour this tuesday, the lead story-- president obama and chinese president hu talk climate change, nuclear disarmament, and trade. kwame holman has our coverage. after the other news of the day, we'll have some perspective on the rights of chinese citizens. then, gwen ifill runs a debate about the new guidelines for breast cancer screenings. >> the average risk patient is trying to decide, all of a sudden, "what are we going to do? what is my doctor going to do? what is my insurance company going to do?" >> lehrer: and john merrow updates the challenges facing the washington, d.c., schools; and jeffrey brown looks at the rise of hunger in america. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what has made grant thornton a truly global accounting organization, with access to resources in more than 100 countries? is it their global capabilities, or is it their passion for how they serve their clients? grant thornton >> 150 years of financial strength and the experience of an established investment firm have come together. wachovia securities is now wells fargo a
Nov 14, 2009 7:00pm EST
obama weighed out the pros and cons in afghanistan he received a big warning against doing so. an elite diplomatic cable ambassador carl iken bree said it would be wrong to send anymore because of the crew coruption in the afghan government. he is a command they are in afghanistan so he knows what he's talking about. >> it is his most agonizing decision to date, whether to send thousands more u.s. troops to afghanistan. where over 800 have already died. in his search for an answer, the president's leaving no stone unturned. over the past month he's held eight separate meetings of his war council. meetings that have already lasted 24 hours. slow but a deliberate process behind closed doors. >> private views are coming now public. a memo from america's ambassador to kabul. carl iken barry warns the president not to send more troops without progress by the afghan government in handling corruption, more proof that the president's advisors are split. >> his cabinet is divided. it's taken him a long time to come to this decision and tchaurg time the war -- democrats and those on the left. >>
Nov 3, 2009 1:00pm EST
? the republican is well in front. does this have any implications nationally or is this a factor of the obama surge from last year that can't be replicated now? >> virginia like new jersey will be decided by state issues and candidates themselves but republicans in that state are trying to nationalize the election in the way that mcdonnell tied to unpopular policies coming out of the obama white house and as you mentioned, a lot of first-time and new voters and young ethnic voters helped barack obama win in virginia but this is an off-year and you don't have excitement on the left like did you last year. >> turnout is light in atlanta. and houston as well. >> you have a lot of interesting mayoral contests across the country. let's start in new york city where michael bloomberg, the two-term mayor fighting for a third term. as you mentioned, down in your way, city council woman mary norwood is hoping to become the first white candidate to win an atlanta mayoral contest in 40 years. boston, the man there, hoping to win an unprecedented fifth term as mayor and houston another interesting race. >
Nov 8, 2009 8:00am EST
and they even got one republican on board and now president obama is vowing to finish the job and soon. >>> the fallen. the u.s. military releases the names of all 13 victims of the shooting rampage at ft. hood. today we'll talk with the family of a soldier whose story is touching so many. >>> you go, girl. >> this is unbelievable! >> she outraced all of the boys in an incredible come from behind win and is now in the running for horse of the year. "today," sunday, november 8th, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm jenna wolfe. big news overnight, democrats in congress needed 218 votes to pass their $1.2 trillion version of health care reform and they got it. >> they got it. this is not over yet. they got the votes plus a little extra. it all came from a tough fight in which members of the house on both sides of the debate pulled out all of the stops. one republican congressman bringing a baby on the house floor to make his point. we'll bring you the latest on the historic vote
Nov 29, 2009 7:00am EST
obama's state dinner say they want a six figure payment for an interview. that, at least, is according to a tv executive that spoke to the "associated press" on condition of anonymity. they also told them that tareq and michaele salahi said to get their bids in. >>> looks like black friday ended up being a mixed bag. shoppers flocked to the stores but sales nationwide were up by just .5%. sales are expected to increase by nearly 2% for the entire holiday season. the nation real tail federation predicted more people would go shopping but spent less. tomorrow is cybermonday when many people shop online. >>> we still don't know much about the car accident that send tiger woods to the hospital. he is not talking yet. as susan candiotti reports, that is only fueling the mystery surrounding the incident. >> reporter: the cracked-up front end of what's believed to be tiger woods cadillac suv, photos provided anonymously to cnn affiliate, the shots taken after the golfing phenom crashed into a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway and slammed into the neighbor's tree. >> he was on the ground
Nov 15, 2009 6:00pm EST
.ñrÑiçóçóÑiÑiÑi obama will seeÑi chinese firsthi meets with chinese students onÑi monday. china has refused to broadcast the event onñr national tv despr requests. the economy will be the sourceÑi of thei greatest tension here.Ñi the preg open its marketsÑi to u.s.ñr gor but with chinaúhtlh ofñr billions ofçó dollars in uó powerless to forceÑi china'sñr . during a speech in japan, the president set >> no one nation can meetñr the challenges ofñ alonezq china willñr both be better offr when we are able to meet them together. >> the president will do more tr nuclear weaponsÑi programsÑiÑi i korea andÑiÑi iran, both close a allies.ñr earlier sunday atçó an economic conference in singapore, andñr r showed impatience withÑi iran's failure to halt nuclearÑiÑi weai development. >> we are now running out of time. >> both men suggestepi that if how long theirñr patience will last. tháhpresident also had tough words for theñrñr brutal militai government of myanmarñlwith that nation's prime ministeri in cloe prom similarity.Ñk including aung san suu kyi, the nobel prize winningÑi
Nov 10, 2009 4:30am EST
be in contact with extremists. , tremists. he will insist on answ president obama told abc news, se will insist on answers. >> we're going to complete this nvestigation. wh thawe are going to take whatever steps are necessary, to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: since the shootings last thursday, security measures ave been tightened. army officials have closed the largely, aspublic. >> right now, we have elevated security measures, largely, as a means of reassurance to the e the tion. threat, as we continue to examine the threat, we will keep appropriate security medses in place. >> reporter: the commanding general at ft. hood, said about 600 soldiers, first responders and civilians, were directly affected by last week's massacre. to play the memorial service is expected to play a significant role in moving toward healing. some >> it brings out the high orale. knocks something like this, it just knocks everybody down. and somebody important like the president coming it's like, okay. i feel very good. >> to el good now. i feel very good. >> ihink tomorrow is
Nov 26, 2009 10:00am EST
, political strategists assess the new obama administration as he nears his first year in office. friday, for the first time in british history, parliament opens its chambers to non-mp's as they debate in the house of commons. former new york times reporter at what has to his plagiarism. a look back to the cuban missile crisis, as well. also, have world threats been over-the post cold war world. sunday, two programs on democracy and the internet, including the university of virginia powell on how the political process has been affected by the internet. the facebook founder will talk about how networking is changing the political process. this holiday weekend on c-span. >> thanksgiving week and on c- span, american icons, three nights of cspan original documentaries on the iconic homes of the three branches of american government beginning tonight at 8:00, eastern part of the supreme court reveals the building through the eyes of supreme court justices. friday at 8:00 p.m., the white house, inside america's most famous home, be on the bill that ropes. will show the grand public places as
FOX News
Nov 7, 2009 7:00pm EST
on health care as president obama makes a national push for reform. >> this is our moment to live up to the trust that the american people placed in us. that is our moment to deliver. >> the battle lines are drawn. so can the bill pass its toughest test yet? and what lace ahead for the president's top domestic priority? also tonight, the uncle of nidal hasan speaks out in the wake of the shooting rampage at fort hood, telling fox news he can't believe his nephew could be capable of such violence and that his work as a military psychiatrist often drove him to tears. >> he was american, 110%. he can't speak arabic. >> breaking now on the fox report, we're minutes away from one of the biggest controversial congressional votes, perhaps the biggest vote in a generation. tonight the house voting on its historic health care reform bill. we want to take you live to look inside the house of representatives. do we have a live picture inside? use your imagination because right now elected lawmakers are getting ready -- there is your inside look. they're getting ready to say yea or nay to the bi
Nov 16, 2009 5:00pm EST
will have to use that criticism and they met at barack obama. host: we have a tabt policy. "she lacks substance and have to pander to red state values for higher q ratings. -- ratings." this gets back to your issue of the direct to the voter ways of communicating. what is she saying, policy-wise? guest: basically it is the conservative message, at this point. health care with more regulations would add to the cost of business, having unforeseen consequences, not all of which would be good. she is saying that cap and trade with actively raise energy prices and that if you are going to be responsible things, why not start drilling offshore? she is going after the obama budget, saying that it spends too much money and that they need to be careful. more or less a republican critique of the obama policy. i would say that the twitter commentator makes a good point. she has been judged by the court of public opinion for now. the thing is, opinions of public leaders change over time. hillary clinton is one of the most polarizing figures in american politics, and she came very close to winning
Nov 4, 2009 6:00am EST
are falling in the artic. the global sea level is rising. i am satellited to note that president obama and you in your daily -- i am delighted to note that president obama and you in your daily work know that the climate is important in your daily task. of new technologies offers great opportunities for growth and innovative jobs. and innovative jobs. . no doubt about it, in december the world will look to us, to theure peaians and to the americans. and it is true there can be no agreement without china and india. but i'm convinced once we and europe and america show ourselves ready to adopt binding agreements, we will also be able to persuade china and india to join in, and then in copenhagen we shall be able to overcome this wall separating the present and future in the interest of our children and grandchildren, and in the interest of sustainable development all over the world. ladies and gentlemen, i'm convinced just as we found the strength in the 20th century to bring about the fall of the wall made of concrete and barbed wire, we shall now show the necessary strength to overcome the wal
Nov 6, 2009 4:30am EST
that they will have the 218 votes needed for passage by saturday. nevertheless, president obama plans a rare visit to the house senate for last-minute lobbying. >>> in a move expected to complicate a frajic mideast peace please, mahmoud abbas says he will not seek reelection. while he says his mind is made up, some see it as a tactical ploy. >>> now here's a look at some other stories making news "early today" in america. >>> a natural gas pipeline exploded in texas, sending flames shooting high into the sky there. the inferno burned so hot, in fact, it melted the blinds on nearby buildings and destroyed one house. three people were treated for injuries. it took fire crews over four hours to control that blaze. >>> in miami, a coast guard cutter pulled into port with nine tons of cocaine worth a staggering $127 million. all 191 bales of that drug were captured over the last movement they came from four smuggling bus. >>> a chicago family was home when a chunk of ice fell from the sky crashing right through their roof. the mystery projectile shook the house, shattered ice all over the lawn. investi
Nov 9, 2009 11:00pm EST
's handling of hasan's e-mails and president and mrs. obama head to texas tomorrow to take part in a memorial service for the ft. hood victims. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen. thank you, jackie. >>> the supreme court today refused to block the execution of john allen muhammad. that means he will be put to death in less than 24 hours now. muhammad's lawyers argue that he is mentally ill and should not be put to death for terrorizing the washington area back in 2002. the supreme court did not comment on its refusal to stay the execution. for many, the execution tomorrow will end a dark chapter in the the d.c. area's history. a year after 9/11, the terror the city felt during the sniper attacks is difficult to describe now. lives were lost, routines were changed. things as simple as buying groceries or pumping gas were no longer simple tasks. but not everyone deeply impacted by muhammad and his actions will be watching tomorrow. christ gordon has our report. >> i saw a flash of light. heard a gigantic sound. a window exploded and shots came in and i was just being shot. >> reporter: restaura
Nov 4, 2009 9:00am EST
obama's half brother telling it all. he talks about their dad, what he was like and seeing his brother again in an upcoming trip to china. he tickles the ivories as well. they all have one and now it's president obama. >> a brother or half brother. >> before we get to that, we want to go to tucker barnes keeping his eye on the weather. it's a cold morning throughout the region. >> it has. temperatures at or below freezing. we have freeze advisories earlier that have been let to expire. we have sunshine across the area. it will feel good the next hour or two before the clouds move in. we are up to 44 at reagan national. we were below freezing in frederick. a little better to the south. 49 degrees. out to the west, when i put this in motion, we have a lot of cloud cover, a little green on the map. that will come in later today and tonight. by this afternoon, i think the sun will mix with and eventually turning to a full overcast by late this afteron. and we will present the possibility of a few scattered showers during the nighttime hours tonight. it will be a -- it won't be a big deal b
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Nov 1, 2009 7:00am EST
, president obama hits the trail today stumping new jersey's incumbent jon corzine. how does it impact tuesday's election coming up? >> how is it for halloween fright night? a bat sneaks into a nba game. look at this. oh! >> instead of dunking the ball, the player goes for the bat. more of that coming up. our slogan goes from franklin in tennessee and i like what i see and hear and the reason i watch and listen to "fox & friends" throughout the year. i'm not sure where the rhyme is coming. >> the rear. >> it's time for "fox & friends." >> i like that, dave. that's what you're seeing in baseball. >> that's very clever, but fitting that a bat is seen on halloween. >> not a lot of bats, my. s. >> i bats can't do the work. >> i was up until 1:30 watching the late start and the people asking me where is your phillies red tie. >> i had on orange, i'll do it today. >> i admire your determination and willpower. coming up on the show. [baby crying] >> they're hammering you. they call him the dr. phil of real estate, how you can sell your house, what you can do, now not to get emotion that will, guys,
Nov 10, 2009 1:00am EST
president obama for resolutely opposing this twisted u.n. resolution. [applause] i applaud the overwhelming vote last week in the american congress condemning this biased report. [applause] i know that there are many canadian friends here today. [cheering] i extend to you my thanks to the canadian government and prime minister stephen harper for their strong defense of israel's right for self-defense. [applause] last week i watched a joint exercise of the idf and some 4000 american soldiers. the exercise was aimed to improve israel's air defenses against incoming missiles. i salute these american soldiers and i thank the president, their commander-in- chief, president obama, for his continued support of israel's security. [applause] on behalf of the people of israel, i send our condolences to the families of american service women and servicemen who were killed in fort hood last week. my friends, my government is working to advance peace. we're not just talking peace. we are doing things. things that have not been done for decades. we have removed hundreds of security points, roadblocks, ch
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Nov 9, 2009 1:00pm EST
more. >> [inaudible] martha: president obama and mrs. obama will attend, and the president will speak, according to general colin. he went over a number of issues including that they have increased security. he believes this was an isolated incident, would not answer many questions specifically about nidal hasan. rick leventhal is with us that fort hood -- at fort hood. what is the devil take away of what the general had to say? >> clearly, that the memorial services were met for the families. there was sort of a joking question about whether or not we would be a bit to see the service because there is a massive security wall here. this area will hold up to 3000 people, but we are told that cameras will be allowed to capture the words of president obama. we also hear that the fbi is continuing to go over the evidence. they are also here with a special shooting team to recreate the steps that hasan took. again, nidal hasan is awake and speaking in the hospital, but officials will not tell me if he has answered questions from the fbi agents, or from investigators at the criminal investi
Nov 9, 2009 6:00pm EST
not fit with what president obama wanted, but there was a big step. >> norm, thank you very much. >> jim: in other news today -- >> lehrer: in other news today, wall street shot higher after 20 leading nations agreed over the weekend to continue economic stimulus efforts. the dow jones industrial average gained 203 points to close near 10,227. the nasdaq rose 41 points to close at 2154. iraq has set a date for national elections, next january 21. on sunday, parliament approved a law needed to organize the voting after weeks of deadlock. today the electoral commission set the actual date. any major delay in the elections could have slowed the u.s. military pullout. also today, the u.s. army reported two helicopter pilots were killed yesterday in a crash. there was no indication of hostile fire. americans accused a senior prosecutor in iran accused three americans of espionage today. the three have been held since july. relatives said they were hiking in iraq and accidentally strayed across the border into iran. in germany today, secretary of state clinton called for their immediate releas
Nov 28, 2009 7:00am EST
this. >>> two suspected parry crashers got closer to president obama than originally thought. now the secret service is talking about how they got in. hey, there. thanks for having us over. i'm virginia cha, this is hln. we hope your weekend is going well. the number one golfer in the world is recovering from a car accident. patrol officers plan to interview tiger woods today. he was treated and released from the hospital after crashing his car in to a tree near his home early yesterday morning. here is what we know about this accident at this point. after the crash, his wife told police she used a golf club to break the back window of tiger's suv to pull him out. paramedics say when he got there he was in and out of consciousness had cuts to his lower and upper lip and had blood on his mouth. it was not alcohol-related. we talked to the police chief about this crash. >> reporter: why did his wife have to bash it in with the golf club? >> what i understand, she said the doors were locked so she could not gain entry. >> reporter: she had a golf club with her at the time? >> i don't
Nov 4, 2009 7:00am EST
column after it went blue to elect president obama last year. >> coming up in the 7:00 hour now, we talk with our team of jim and peter about what mcdonnell's victory paired with the republican win in the new jersey race means. >> also at #:00, haze gone from survivor winner to the fcc. we will talk about the effort to make the fcc more user friendly. >>> a special ceremony commemmorating the fall of the berlin wall and the 20th anniversary. hard to believe it's been 20 years. i think we can all remember where we were when that news came down. >> talking abt that earlier this morning with tony. speaking of, let's check in with tony and get a look at what is happening outside. >> as you both know, it is cold this morning across the region. in many spots, our temperatures are in the 30s. but a beautiful blue sky early this morning. let's take a look at the advisories that are in effect for one more hour. yeah, believe it or not, we have a frost advisory in effect for some of the close-in counties including montgomery county, fairfax county, loudoun county. and out to the west, the counties
Nov 8, 2009 1:00pm EST
's a vikt fi for president obama's top domestic priority. the house of representatives has approved a health care reform plan but it was a close call. the measure passed with only two votes to spare, and one of them came from a republican. the fight over health care reform now moved to the senate. so, what's in the health care bill that the house passed? well, perhaps the most controversial part of the bill that it does contain the so-called public option. the government would sell insurance to those who can't find it elsewhere. the congressional budget office predicts those premiums would be more expensive than insurance from private companies, but many people would be eligible for government subsidies to help pay for that coverage. other provisions of the bill would ban insurers from denying coverage to people just because of pre-existing conditions. the house bill also contains strict bans on using federal money to pay for abortions. congressman john dingle, a longtime proponent of national health insurance, projects that the bill will extend health care coverage to 96% of americans. >>>
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